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Scientific realism, in that each image is developed according to geometric patterns, following the great masters of the past. The 'aureate section' plays a determining role; this is the road traveled by Chilean artist Valdovinos. An exact representation of reality, guided by technical preparation which is undoubtedly excellent. Over and over again, Valdovinos loves to enrich his images with symbolic details amassed in the course of profound studies, a vein as yet unexploited but capable of magic suggestions; more significant even, the symbolic images are liberated in the blank spaces of geometry, giving the painter the sensation of manifesting in a particular reality. Valdovinos' reality, without a doubt, wants to be magic. The style is permeated by the suggestion of a definite Spanish realist tendency, but the artist develops these 'certainties' in his contact with the models that European reality offers day after day

Tomasso Paloscia.


The eyes, direct and inquisitive, are studied carefully in these paintings. They are mental eyes: Da Vinci is not too far from Valdovinos. This Chilean, an artist in the literal sense of the definition, is a unique surprise in the usual art shows in Madrid, so cluttered by procedures, themes and repetitions. The work style is crystalline; enough said.




Chilean artist Valdovinos contribution to contemporary realism flows through two different waters -painting and drawing-, although they are somehow integrated. He is also loyal to two tendencies, which are never, for him, a contradiction -fantastic magic realism and symbolic realism.

The theory of symbols, in Valdovinos' paintings and drawings, is characterized by an essential sobriety. The image becomes a seeker of the profound meaning of realities and their contexts and, much like a landslide, descends onto the oils and drawings, as if to fill a place at times already predetermined.

The symbol is both young and old, European and American, studied and analyzed in the masters or intuited in the solitude and the silence of the American geography. The young artist is all the more interesting to the observer because he offers precision devoid of technical excesses, painstaking accuracy in form and color devoid of rigorous attitudes, and an exemplary stance in the realization of lyrical masterwork and a well-defined personal realism.

Raúl Chavarri.


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